ServicesAthlete, Team and Coach

We primarily focus on Quarterback Training and Development.

Professional, Collegiate and High School Prep

Make sure you are fully prepared to perform at your highest level. We provide preparation and guidance for Athletes entering or currently in the NFL. The Range staff understands how to put you in the best position to succeed with his vast background and knowledge of mechanics and training.

They are the cornerstone of training camps, practice, and games. While other coaches begin and end with skills training, the coaching professionals of The Range extend beyond the “how” and present the range of services and commitment an Athlete needs to succeed.


Designed by professional coaches for athletes, and those looking to make a serious commitment to their athletic goals. We have created an environment in which athletes can identify and work toward quantifiable goals in a group atmosphere with individual attention.

Why The Range Performance

  • Initial 1-on-1 Assessment
  • Individualized Program Design
  • Professional Coaching Methods
  • Scientifically based teachings
  • Performance Unparalleled

Thorough Assessment

  • Comprehensive Program Design
  • Synergy with Quarterback Skills
  • Clubhouse Environment & Great Camaraderie
  • Video Analysis

Sessions include

  • Jump Assessment (vertical, long jump)
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Strength Training
  • Speed & Agility Development
  • Video Analysis of Strength and Speed Movements
  • Nutrition Habits and Goal Setting

Athlete, Team and Coach Consulting

Our commitment to you and your team is to make him a world-class Athlete charging to the next level and to place him firmly in the minds of the people who will progress his career. We will teach you what you need to know to protect your athlete, illuminating his progression as he grows in skill and delivery.

Athletic development is an all-year program. What you do in the off-season sets up the next season. Your athlete needs a strong support system, clearly defined goals, and a strategic approach to leverage all resources at his disposal.

The Range covers this by assigning a Coach to your Quarterback, Staff or Team, providing guidance and information to make wise decisions concerning athletic development, offensive systems and goals. We do this through strategic programming, including:

For the Athlete:

Comprehensive Evaluation

An individual timeline with milestones and goals is designed to chart progress and lend transparency to the overall process. The timeline is based on evaluations at key points of development, rendered in a written report or one-on-one presentation. From there, a comprehensive plan optimizes the off-season and flows into…

Tactical Instruction

Body training is important, of course, but mental training is equally vital. Our coaches use a multi-media approach of synchronous and asynchronous training to install the tactical insight necessary for elite quarterback play. Written materials are complemented by game-film analysis and classroom sessions, either on-site or remotely over the web.

Nutrition & Physical Development Guidance

The physical and mental demands required to increase and sustain growth through the rigors of all-year training is fueled by proper diet and hydration. The Range employs an extensive network of nutritionists to support trainers who partner with you, your athlete and your coach to make sure the athletes are properly fortified to excel

Recruiting Strategy (HS Athlete)

College Recruiters rely on scouting lists and databases that their coaches purchase every year. These virtual evaluations of real-world exposure are critical to your recruitment. The Range gets your athlete into the major recruiting databases across the country.

Highlight Film Creation (HS Athlete)

Creating a highlight film is the most important step initially in the college recruiting process. The film is 90% of recruiting process initially and making sure your film put together correctly is should be priority number one. We build a highlight film that constructed in a way to keep the attention of college coaches and scouting services. We are the industry leaders in highlight film creation. Carefully organized to promote the correct skills and showcase the athletes best qualities.