PartnershipThe Range Partnership

Your athlete engages in year-round, sequential training in skills, strategy and team dynamics with group engagement, one-on-one dedication and customized programming. Just as vital, you and your athlete receive a bleeding-edge education in becoming a modern athlete in the digital age.

In the past, you did it all on the field and recruiters came to you. Today, you have to be 100% athlete, 100% promoter and 100% statistician in numbers, video and digital presence. That’s why a partnership with The Range is critical in seizing the goal.

We’ve blazed that path with hundreds of athletes, securing more than $1.5 million in scholarships, and 15 QB offers in FCS/FBS schools, in the last 12 months alone.”

Our program spans weight training, conditioning and intensive skills training fortified with anatomical physics and precision foot and hand-work your athlete discovers the optimal kinesthetics for his position.

Our staff will invest up to 100 hours per year with most in-region clientele. Together, we’ll decode every aspect of your athlete’s play through individualized assessment, film review and skill-gap analysis. We will deliver in-depth consultation and insight into recruiting, school and football decision-making.

Every athlete is uniquely gifted, so our plans are customizable, with skill-based training in private and semi-private engagements of 42 – 48 hours per year with one of our Lead Coaches and built around your athlete’s needs, and addition time with subject-matter experts.

Why partner with The Range?

Our effective and comprehensive approach to coaching, quickly targets breakdowns within each key position of the throw as well as maximizing athletic potential. We will get you better, faster. Coach Hewlett and his staff implement training using self-correct system using experience from training at an elite level. Our approach is more effective then any other training facility or program in the US.

Geoff Mahalak the father of a High School QB has this to say about The Range:

Coach Hewlett’s keen eye, ability to asses, instruct, and implement changes has taken my son from a backup with potential to an Elite 11 finalist and Oregon Duck commit.