30 Day Plan and Offseason

The 30 Day plan consist of basic rules to ensure that you progress correctly and quickly. Every single day for 30 consecutive days, you will dedicate every day to completing the your “pathway change” or new skill acquisition.

First and foremost, it is important to set short term and long term goals in the beginning of your off-season program. There needs to be a focus on your programs so there is a clear path to what you want from your Offseason program. We use the 30-day program to kick start your progression.

Every day you will spend a minimum of 5 minutes on-task. Total goal for the month is 10.5 hours dedicated to your technical changes at a minimum. This is achieved through four 30 min throwing workouts per week and additionally the explosive imagery and movement training.


Monday: Throw session 30 mins, 150 repsIMG_0275

Tuesday: Explosive-Imagery  5 minutes

Wednesday: Throw session 30 mins, 150 reps + Explosive-Imagery 5 minutes

Thursday: Rest + Explosive-Imagery 10 minutes

Friday: Explosive-Imagery session 10 minutes

Saturday:  Throwing session 45 mins, 200 reps

Sunday: Explosive-Imagery session 10 minutes and 10-minute throwing session.

Each week will present obstacles and scheduling may be different without a partner to catch. We suggest investing in a good net system to be able to the throw the football at.


This requires the Quarterback to learn and imagine throwing or throw-movement elements with clarity and vividness from both external and internal perspectives.

We can use relatively light weights to serve as resistances when performing explosive exercises (1lbs or less) or a medium towel can also be used to create drag to mirror a football.

The performance of the exercise in a smooth, integrated fashion in which there are no obvious decelerations or pauses. The action must map the new throwing pathway exactly to the specification the movement. We can vary the tempo of the movement to help but at no point should the movement slow down less than a realistic during a throw.

Think of your Explosive-Imagery session as a workout. We suggest using a mirror to watch your reps closely and consistent filming of your reps will also help.



Warm up

Outline: 3 warm-up stations 5 minutes each

Station 1: Roll out-

Items: 5 to 10 PVC pipes / Lax Balls

Exercises: 10 body spots rolled out for 30 seconds each


Items: 5 to 10 Bands

Exercises: Series of band and stretch movements to activate the body.

i.e. Calf stretch, Hip stretch, Plank hold, pigeon push up, Band duck Walk, Armband work

Dynamic warm up

Items: None (10 to 15 yards of turf)

  • Heel pull, Inside leg pull, Back wards skip, Side shuffle, Karaoke, High Knees, Butt kickers, Sprint starts
  • Arm circles, alternating internal and external rotation, band work.

Throwing to Partner or Net

5-yard soft toss

10, 15, 20, 25-yard throwing. You can progress further but keep the focus simple and controlled. These workouts are designed to ingrain new pathway changes in your throw.

Throwing and Catching with WR

Outline: 2 stations with 1 QB coach 1 WR coach per station. Approx 8 minutes per station to warm up the arms of the QBs and hands of the WRs

Station 1

  • Pat and Go’s -Fades, Seams, and quick slants
  • Notes:
  • WRs -Hold the red line or stay on the angle of slant and watch the ball all the way in to catch.
  • QBs -Do not be a ball watcher and learn proper loft and drop.

Station 2

  • Line drills- Row of WRs on the sideline Row of Qbs on the Numbers.
  • Stand across of pattern and work on stationary throws.
  • Emphasis: Location Location Location
  • Drills: Rotation and spin at the target in front. Move WRs 5 then 10 yards to the right and left to change the angle. Work reset and no reset throws.  Escape drills right and left. Up and out. Bail.

Full Go

Outline: 4 stations- 15 to 20 mins per station. 1st 5 minutes WRs and QBs separate and 15 min routes together.

- Quick Throws

  • Intermediate Throws
  • Deep Throws
  • Movement Throws

Quick Game


  • QBs -3 Step drop and Quick throw timing
  • WRs- Sense of urgency, Answer for press coverage.
  • Quick Routes-
  • Outside – Hitch, Slant, Quick Out, *Fade
  • Inside – Flat, Out, Slant, *Fade



  • QBs- 5 step timing, Hitch and rhythm technique
  • WRs- Intermediate timing getting on the same page as the QB, Know Coverage.
  • Med Routes-
  • Outside- Curl, Bang Post, Out, *Whip
  • Inside- Corner, Out, Seam, *Cross Seam

Deep Routes


  • QBs- 7 step timing balance and power
  • WRs- Speed and stepping on toes, Dig for separation, Locate and go get the ball
  • Deep Routes-
  • Outside- Go ball, Big post, Comeback, *Bench
  • Inside- Wheel, Corner post, Deep Cross *Sail



  • QBs- Get on the edge with speed and balance on the move to throw accurately
  • WRs- Find QB, set an angle and stay on it, and attack the ball once in the air.
  • Movement Throws
  • Flat, Comeback, Over from the slot, Back side post let it fly

Additional time should be integrated into the week to cover the following:

  • Weightlifting program
  • Speed and agility training
  • Nutritional/eating plan
  • Throwing sessions with WR’s
  • Training specifically for the Quarterback Mechanics with a Coach.
  • QB and WR Training

Camps will be another option to get some great training. A lot of colleges have camps that come through the bay area. I recommend attending most of them if they fit the schedule. We will make sure that the focus is going to be on reps and development, we don’t need the exposure for college just yet.