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Coach Hewlett has rapidly established himself as the go-to consultant in the Quarterback community for his success in improving velocity, accuracy, and performance. Coach Hewlett understands the unique demands of Quarterback; in fact, the training was designed to accommodate these needs with specialized, versatile equipment. We individually evaluate all athletes and provide them with individualized, comprehensive training programs.


Under Construction – New facility and field coming soon.

Private Instruction:

This dynamic one-on-one instruction is unmatched by any other training staff in the country. Your athlete works in a controlled setting and custom-designed track geared to your athlete’s specific needs. Progression is optimized by instant feedback and coaching, enabling new or refined skills to be dialed in and repeated until permanent. The athlete who receives Private Instruction will gain velocity, accuracy, and precision and make correct, clean and instant decisions on the field.

Semi-Private Instruction:

We transform group training into individually-targeted training by reserving it for The Range members who are also our most dedicated athletes. Each semi-private session includes multiple coaches to ensure personal interaction time while promoting the group-benefits of large-scale drills with progressing complexity to push decision-making and conditioning. Beyond coaching, the group dynamics of this training leverage healthy competition, collaboration and skills-modeling to create amplified real-world conditions that inspire greater drive and commitment.

Skills training is critical to improvement and safe play, but it’s not enough in today’s game. Off-the-field and off-season support are vital to consistent growth. We’ve got you covered…


After 5 years of being the only Quarterback specific training facility in the US, we are excited to now provide a complete performance program to help all athletes maximize their potential and reach new heights in athletic development. Designed by professional coaches for athletes, and those looking to make a serious commitment to their athletic goals. We have created an environment in which athletes can identify and work toward quantifiable goals in a group atmosphere with individual attention.